How to get a fresh start using the expungement process
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How to get a fresh start using the expungement process

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

A criminal record can have a lasting impact on your life long after leaving prison behind. If you are having difficulty getting a job or obtaining a place to live, getting an expungement or removal of your charges in Pennsylvania could be the answer to easing this burden.

Types of eligible cases

Securing expungement of your convictions depends on the charges for which you have convictions. Generally, only convictions that have not involved violence are eligible for the expungement process.

Removal of a conviction such as a DUI or DWI is possible. These charges are fairly common, and having one can sometimes mean that you are no longer able to work in a position that requires a license, such as in the medical or education fields.

Additionally, it may be possible to remove convictions such as illicit drug use or trafficking. Other legal circumstances that are usually removable are moving violations such as speeding tickets.

Legal process

Getting a criminal record expunged or removed will often require a commitment to a months-long process and an official request made to the court system. To get the process started, you may want to get a full copy of your record. This will allow you to view your convictions and determine if you might qualify for an expungement.

At this point, it may also be beneficial to meet with an attorney with experience in expungements. Working with an attorney who has a fuller grasp of the legal area surrounding expungements may be able to help you get your convictions removed.

Working toward removing old convictions from your record may be beneficial to getting your life back on track. With an understanding of which offenses are eligible for the process, you should feel more comfortable seeking the help you need to get past crimes removed from your record.