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A Voice For The Accused In York

Every criminal charge, no matter how small, requires an immediate and vigorous defense. When charges remain on your criminal record, they threaten more than just your reputation.

Without an aggressive defense, criminal charges can impact your career, your loved ones and even your financial stability. For this reason, The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Marshall, LLC, stands by our clients to protect their rights and strive for the best possible outcome in every case. Contact our firm to start building your defense.

Working To Minimize The Consequences

The strength of a criminal defense relies on its preparation. Attorney Jeffrey C. Marshall gives each case he takes on the meticulous preparation it deserves, from investigating the circumstances of your arrest to researching similar cases for precedent.

His understanding of criminal law has allowed him to create strong and effective defenses. He brings more than 30 years of criminal defense experience to the firm; experience that can help you reduce the impact of criminal charges on your life.

Immediate Help With Criminal Charges

Our firm has a track record of success representing clients facing drunk driving charges in York County. Fines, court-ordered drug and alcohol treatment and a six-month probationary period await even first-time offenders. DUIs are stacking offenses in Pennsylvania, so mounting an aggressive defense designed to keep your record clean is imperative.

Drug crimes, like possession and distribution, incur harsh penalties in Pennsylvania, as well. Our attorney will work closely with you to assess the circumstances of your drug arrest.

More Than 30 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

With more than three decades of experience in handling criminal cases, we examine whether the police made mistakes or errors during your arrest that could lead to the exclusion of evidence and the lessening or dismissal of the charges. Attorney Marshall also takes cases regarding juvenile crimes. A simple mistake during an individual’s formative years may result in a lifetime of complications.

Our firm understands the gravity of juvenile charges, and we work to construct defense strategies that reflect the severity of your child’s situation. To protect your good name and reduce the chances of a charge affecting your future, The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Marshall, LLC, will work with you in matters of expungement, sealing and pardon.

Do Not Hesitate. Call Now.

Get your rights the protection they deserve. For a free initial consultation, call our office in York at 717-739-4482, or contact our firm using the online form.